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Our products are available at All the Best Dive Stores, so please check with your local Dive Store and I am sure they will be pleased to assist you.

We are pleased to be the Official Distributor for our brands & quality product ranges which include:

* Miflex Xtreme Diving Hoses - Official Distributor since 2006
* Miflex Xtreme LP regulator & inflator hoses
* Miflex Xtreme-hi HP hoses
* Miflex Carbon HD HP hoses

* KUBI Dry Glove Systems - Official Worldwide Distributor

* Omniswivel International Hose Adaptors & Diving Fittings

* Thermalution Heated Undersuits & Accessories

* AquaSketch Scrolling Slate

* AAK Diving Masks

* Gearmarker

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Due to increased costs from DHL it has been neccesary for us to review & change our shipping costs from 27th October 2016. We beleive our costs remain very competitive and in many cases are subsidised for our customers.

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This website is owned & managed by Maxshow Limited. We are proud to represent quality manufacturers and be their Official Distributor for a range of brands including; Miflex 2, Omniswivel International, KUBI Diving Systems, Best Divers, AquaSketch, Thermalution, BECAM Action Cameras, AAK Diving Masks and more

BCD/Jacket Coupler
Xtreme Diving Hose

Standard Regulator
Xtreme Diving Hose

Xtreme Packaging
Water Resistant Document Wallet
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